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Getting Married in Melbourne

Getting married is an exciting experience, despite the headaches that people have been saying about planning one, it’s a beautiful moment that almost everyone dreamed of when they think about their love life. Whether you live in Melbourne or you just think it’s the perfect city to get married, this guide will help you to decide on the best way to make it happen.

Wedding venue

architectureThere are so many possibilities with the venue, but there are several qualities that can help you narrow down the options that you have. First of all, it is best for the place to have a lot of experience with becoming a place of wedding ceremonies or parties because it is not a simple thing to pull off. You have to make sure that they have a perfect size, location, rooms, decorations, and ambiance to it. You can start by putting wedding venue Melbourne on your search bar and surf the internet for the best place.

Wedding dress and bridal makeup

brideIt is every woman’s dream to look gorgeous in their wedding dress and walk down that aisle with their husband. There is not much to say about this because every girl has their own preferences to what they want to wear on their special day. Just make sure that you will have the dress safe and secured with you at least three days before the day to avoid any additional stress in your wedding planning.

Nowadays, the makeup is just as important as the dress that you are wearing. You have to make sure that you would not go into panic mode on the wedding day because you are not sure about how you want to look like and you are anxious about looking hideous on every wedding picture that you will have.

Wedding organizer

Thankfully, wedding organizer is a thriving service business that you can hire to make the journey less crazy for you. Who knows what will happen if you have to handle everything on your own from calling people, testing food, pick a florist, make your wedding souvenirs, design the invitation card, and sending out the invitations, and all of that jazz. Not to mention a dozen other things that you have to do besides that like take care of the decorations, arranging tables, hiring a band or singer, and many else, probably that will get you not want to get married anymore.

Great tips for shaving your head

A clean and sharp look is always recommended for men. This is why grooming, styling, and shampooing is an essential aspect of manhood. However, shaved heads are mainly advocated for men that are balding. A good shave will give a balding man a classic look that won’t illuminate the absence of hair. On the other hand, shaving can be quite a tedious task for most men and in particular those that have to shave regularly. Indeed, to them, it is a fulltime job. For this reason, it is important to you, a balding man, to internalize concepts and skills that are essential in ensuring a proper haircut. The following guidelines are essential tips that every man must abide;

Buy the requisite supplies

It is prescribed that you invest in supplies that are of high quality since they are more efficient and sustainable. Efficiency is portrayed in the fact that quality supplies rarely leave scratches and cuts. Balding clippers are indispensable supplies for balding men. Shaving razors can be used but the best head shaving clippers in 2017 are highly recommended because they are easier to use. Also, clippers are faster as compared to shaving razors. Electric clippers are predominantly used to trim hair to the lowest level required. Further, you need to invest in oil or cream. Cream and oil are crucial in lubricating the head so that you are guaranteed of a great shave. Aftershave is another supply that used in any shaved body parts like head, face, and legs.

Apply lubricant

As part of the preparation to shave it is vital to run hot water through your hair for at most 3 minutes. Thereafter you should apply the oil or lubricant to that your hair is relaxed and softened. Lubrication ensures that your hair is cushioned from bumps, cuts and ingrown hair.

Start shaving

It is advisable to shave hair that is softer and progress gradually to tough hair. This technique will allow the cream some added time to soften the firmer hair. This will feel entirely effortless and comfortable. Primarily, you should not be in a rush and therefore you are required to stroke gently and softly. To avoid irritation, you ought to pass an area once at a go and not repeatedly. Repeated passing increases the chances of irritation.


Rinse and use aftershave

After completion of the shave, you can rinse your head and ensure that you look out for missed spots all around your head. When you are satisfied that the job is well done, you can proceed to apply aftershave to moisturize your scalp.



Must Have Skin Care Essentials

One thing that a lot of people don’t pay enough attention to, and regret the most in their old days is they did not take a good care of their skin. Once we hit a certain age, it will be too late to start, and nothing we do can matter. Wrinkles, dark spots, skin cancer, are surprisingly common and you certainly want to avoid the same fate. It is only one of a few other major reason why skincare bag is a must-have item in your everyday handbag or backpack even if you are not someone who cares too much about how you look. If you are new to skincare and you don’t know what to get, you have come to the right place because I will tell you six skin care products that you need to start using.

Eye cream

eyeJob stress is a real thing that is happening to almost anyone who is currently working no matter what the profession is. If you fall for one of these criteria such as busy life, night owl, lack of sleep, or spend most of the time in a day on the computer, then the chances are you have dark circles or puffy eyes. This look is not a flattering one because it makes you look tired and not energized. Luckily, the best eye cream would be able to get rid of your dark circles with a satisfying result. Because of how common it is for most people to have it, an eye cream should be something that everyone has because it can help you to look fresh again.


creamIt’s old news that getting exposed to the sun is bad for you. The new report is those glass on your building’s window can’t even protect you from the danger of the UV ray and X-ray. Spread the word that everyone should use sunscreen more often, not excluding those who commute by car and work indoors. You can choose an SPF that suits your skin the most and start from there. Don’t take any risk and save yourself from a lot of trouble with this tip.


A sacred routine that you can’t skip even for a single day is to wash your face before you go out to the world and sleep on your bed at night. If you don’t wish to have more blackheads, pimples or acne, you need to sum it up and do it at least two days a week.